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Allow us to introduce ourselves

Who needs a retainer?  It’s easy to be overwhelmed and overimpressed with the idea of contracting a business consultant to have on retainer, someone who can help you with whatever is needed to grow.  However, does it have to be that way?  Why spend tens of thousands of dollars (potentially) a month to have someone “just in case”?  And, frankly, that’s usually what it turns out being: someone you have on the payroll that is only used sporadically, wasting all that money that could be used to initiate some of the strategies that would help take you to the next level. 

As I said, another way exists: us.

Proofing the Trades© is a full-service business consulting, proofing, writing, strategy, analysis, and training organization that prides itself on others’ success.  In fact, we won’t even count a you as a client unless you have worked with us at least a couple of times.  Your satisfaction IS our marketing.

Additionally, we hold ourselves accountable by refusing to mass market unnecessarily (aside from this initial touchpoint, of course).  We are firm believers that our clients must be the gatekeepers of our success.  Referrals are our life source, which forces us to do the best we possibly can for you, in the hopes that you pass on your satisfaction to others that may find value in our services.  This approach forces us to not get complacent, staying constantly focused on the objectives, goals, and overall accomplishment of you, the business owner. 

With all this being said, why not give us a chance? 

·         Save a lot of money over more traditional consulting firms.

·         Custom packages for your business, not a stock cost/approach that usually translates to the whole service not being used: you pay for what you want, only.

·         We will help you attack anything in your business, unlike of the scope of traditional consultants.

·         Transparent pricing: packages are customized for you, ensuring everything fits your needs.

·         We are not high-pressure.  It is your business, and we treat you with that respect.  We are here to serve you, not pressure you.

·         Lastly, we are not pretentious.  We are people-centric and always focus on your perspective.  We are a resource, striving to help and guide—that is it.  We will be that for you.

So, reach out and share your goals with us, an idea of what you need and/or want to achieve, and we will work together to come up with the proper strategy.  Multiple options will be presented, enabling you to tip your toe in to see if we can deliver.  We will EARN your business if you give us the chance. 

Together, we can realize new levels of success, one objective, strategy, and handshake at a time. 

Our success is only measured by your success.


Proofing the Trades

Call/Text: (850) 253-7629

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